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About Us
Parsua Industrial Group, with more than a decade of effective activity in the field of commerce, providing raw materials for casting, mining, construction products, and technical and engineering services, has become a strong point of support for customers in the direction of supplying raw materials and equipment and providing specialized technical and engineering services. Has become Parsua always tries to keep its customers at the highest qualitative and quantitative level with the motto "the power of a good choice". Therefore, according to the long-term goals of this group, which is in line with the slogan of the power of a good choice and providing the best products and services to customers, the export service development program in the Middle East and East Asian markets is in progress. On the other hand, considering the past experiences of this group as well as the need of the country's industries for the existence of specialized teams in the field of technical and engineering services in the export sectors, especially services related to products with advanced technologies, we will complete and strengthen our team in the field of consulting and engineered services. The set of actions of Parsua Industrial Group will promise to provide integrated, precise, high-quality, and satisfactory services for customers.


Our Awesome Team